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Making a mannequin

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I don’t like mannequins because they are scary, but I wanted something that I could display some of my products on at a stall. I had a look on eBay for dress makers dummies, but they are all pretty expensive and as I can’t make clothes, it would be a bit of a waste most of the time. Then I came across a tutorial by Etsy on how to make a custom dress form in your exact size. This is perfect for dress makers as clothes will fit you brilliantly. For me it was perfect because it was cheap!

Basically, you put on a t-shirt you don’t mind being cut up, then get someone to cover you in layers of duct tape!

I bought two cheapĀ turtle necks from the supermarket (I also got cheap duct tape there) and put one on for the base as I wanted the form to have longer shoulders and a high neck.

Once you are covered in a few layers, get someone to cut you out! You’re left with a shell that is a replica of you! next just tape up the join, stuff the form with something (I used newspaper) and either stick on a cardboard base or attach it to a pole.

I then used the secondĀ  turtle neck as a cover, and there you have it! It’s the perfect size to sit on a table stall and a lot cheaper than buying the real thing! If you want to make one, definitely check out the Etsy tutorial as it has detailed steps and goes into a lot more detail than I have.