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Blanket of many colours

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blanketAbout three of four years ago, I bought a knitting book really cheaply in the sales. It was by Rowan and had all sorts of designs for cushions, blankets and rugs. (I tried to find it on Amazon to link to but couldn’t. I should just go downstairs and find it, but I’m feeling lazy today! I will post it later.) This patchwork blanket caught my eye. It is made up of different hexagons, some in knit, and some in fabric. All the knitted hexagons have a different pattern so it’s really textured and interesting to look at.

My Mum and I were given a big bag full of odd Rowan balls by my Aunty and they were just perfect for this project. I knitted them on and off for about three years (!) until I had finally finished them. I then went hunting in the fabric stash box, and came across some corduroy type fabrics to use as the other hexagons. Now there was a laying out pattern in the book which seemed straight forward, but when you consider that no two same knitted patterns or colours should lie together, this got complicated! Finally I arranged the knitting pinned and sewed it together (I don’t mind sewing up knitting. I know some people hate it, but to me it means I’ve nearly finished, Hurray!) then I came to a stop.

The book said, sew the fabric hexagons into strips according to the pattern. I did that on my tiny sewing machine that just does straight stitch. Then lay the knitting over the top, pin and zig zag stitch to the fabric. I’m not doing that by hand! I eventually got myself a sewing machine, and my first project was to finish the blanket. I zig zagged, cut out a plain grey wool backing, used the same for the edging and sewed it all in place. The edging was like bias binding, so I then had to flip it over to the back and hand sew ūüė¶ all around the edge.

Finally after four years I had finished and just in time for the snowy weather. Although at times I absolutely hated this project, I love the finished result. I can really see it being something I will always have, and the fact that I finished it by hand¬†makes it all the more special. I don’t know if four years is a record for not finishing a project? I’d love to hear of anybody else’s long suffering craft projects!



Pest of British

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I haven’t posted for ages! I’ve been really busy lately with stuff for college, but I took a weekend out to go to the BBC Good Food/Gardener’s World Summer exhibition at the NEC. There wasn’t as much food there as usual, but the plant stalls were really amazing and I got some really good bargains! One of the show gardens I liked was called “Pest of British” here is a picture:That’s right it is a knitted vegetable garden! It was made by Creative Moments craft group and people in their local area. Apparently¬†it took 70 volunteers, 16 weeks and an estimated 8,000 hours of knitting! (I would not have the patience) Basically it was made to educate children about their food and gardening, but it also shows a range of garden pests (such as knitted slugs and aphids) and other animals and insects that protect the garden from pests (ladybirds, bumble¬†bees and chicken) A lady from the craft group said they had been given an award and that they were the most photographed garden there! I’m not surprised as it was really well made and very inventive. My favourite were the little bumble bees, toad and tortoise. So clever!