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Weekly Face On photos

Face on No. 4

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Moving on from vegetables to something everyone really like to eat… Chocolate!

This Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky looked so sad that I was about to eat it, and that made me feel sad too. But then I remembered that chocolate doesn’t have feelings and I tucked in. Yum!


Face on No.3

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Having had computer issues I have failed miserably at my weekly photo challenge! However, I have still been collecting images and can now reveal this weeks photo continuing with the sweet potato theme:

Yes it is an alien in a potato. For all we know it could be an actual alien and in fact, aliens have visited earth but we have just been making them into chips!

Face on No.2

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The other day I was making baked sweet potatoes and saw this little guy;

At first I thought it was an owl, but then I thought it sort of looked like a Ninja! I wonder if a vegan would eat a potato with the face of an owl on it?

Face On

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I have decided to start a new weekly post of things that shouldn’t have a face on them but do. This is probably because I have spent too much time with my gran who can see a face in everything (carpets, curtains, trees, the sky, pictures in her calendar!)  So here’s the first one.

It’s a latte that seems to be eyeing up my biscuits! (Get your own biscuits latte!)