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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Visiting the Furniture Show

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Today I went to Manchester Central (the GMEX to us locals!) to visit the Manchester Furniture Show. It was really a trade show for furniture retailers to buy their stock, but I went to see the stand that some of my friends from college had. They were showing chairs, tables and lamps and compared to all the commercial furniture, (loads of pine things, do people still buy pine furniture?) their stuff looked really fun and interesting! As it was a trade show, nothing as yet had been sold, but lots of business cards changed hands and there were a lot of compliments and interest in the recycled aspect of their pieces. In the right shop, I think people would pay a lot of money for one-off, up-cycled furniture pieces so I hope it works out for them! You can find out about the quirky tables from Doorabletable here, the lamps from Oddware here and the chairs by Agatha Blue here.


Daydreams of Jewellery

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Mona Lisa ring from

I thought I would share this amazing jewellery website I found recently. The artist is Jes MaHarry and you can visit the website here. I love the quirky designs and how they mix text with precious stones and pictures of animals and trees. My favourite are the rings, but then I have a lot of rings with big stones in them so that’s no surprise! apparently Jes MaHarry studied illustration (which you can see really clearly in her jewellery) and I really like it when an artist changes discipline, because when you study a certain field of art, it’s really easy to get stuck in that box. I think that’s why I did an art history degree instead of carrying on with ‘proper’ art, I didn’t want to do just one thing, I like to have the choice to experiment. Anyway, if I could I would buy all of the jewellery on this website. Unfortunately I have not won the lottery and also they don’t ship to the UK (from what I can tell) so I will have to make do with jewellery daydreams!

Recycled plant labels

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At lunch time, I never know what to eat and most of the time can’t be bothered to make anything more complicated than Ryvitas or soup from a can! However, I have discovered Naked Noodle Ramen Noodles which is like a pot noodle but posher and nicer (I like the Thai chicken flavour) I have been eating quite a few of these and as you can see they have very nice packaging and come with a plastic fork. To make myself feel less guilty about eating so many pots of noodles, I like to recycle the packaging. The fork was proving more of a problem, as I only eat them at home, I don’t need the plastic fork (I have real person metal ones) I wanted to use them for something and then one day came up with the idea of using them in the greenhouse. By writing on the handle with a permanent pen, I could use the prongs to stick into the soil and make little labels for my vegetable seeds. As I plant the same seeds every year I can also re-use them! I’m sure there are lots of other things you can do with old plastic forks and I am very open to suggestions (especially as my collection is mounting up again!)