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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Next Great Artist 2nd Series!

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Yay! Sky Arts must be reading my blog because after saying how much I would miss watching The Next Great Artist, they have decided to show series 2. It only started last Wednesday (I only found out after it was on but the first episode was on Anytime!) so this time I have let you know in time for you to watch it. This season they all have strange names like Dusty, Jazz-Minh and best of all The Sucklord (yes, The Sucklord) In the first episode the artists had to take a bad piece of kitch art and turn it into something else that showed off their own unique style. None of the pieces really jumped out at me so I guess it’s too early to pick a winner! It is on at 8pm on Wednesdays on Sky Arts (hurray!)


A Mysterious Riddle….

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Yesterday I was at my volunteer job (working in the archive of a National Trust property) when I came across this piece of paper in one of the books I was documenting.  On the paper were a few doodles relating to the book (pattern design for textile weavers or something like that!) and this handwritten passage. It reads:

What am I?

My first letter is in movement,

But not in stillness.

My second is in oasis,

But not in wilderness.

My third is in music,

But not in violin.

My fourth is not in failure,

But is in a win.

My fifth is not in frame,

But is in photograph.

My sixth is not in smile,

But in a laugh.

My seventh is in din,

and also in noise.

My last is in statue,

But not in poise.

Sometimes my tops are covered in snow,

21,141ft high is my highest. Did you know?

Myself and the other lady who was volunteering yesterday set about solving the riddle and I think we solved it. However, it wasn’t spelled right, so either we made a mistake or the riddler did! I can’t help but wonder who wrote this, did they copy it or make it up? (I think they made it up as there are some crossings out and mistakes in the writing) The book was given as a prize in 1916 but I think the riddle is later than that. It’s all very mysterious! (and no, I’m not going to tell you the answer that would be too easy. You have to have a go at working it out!)