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Monthly Archives: December 2011

College craft fair

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It was the craft fair at my college this week where the aim was to sell the products we had made this term. It didn’t go so well, what with there being two charity stalls in the same area at the same time (it’s hard to compete against charity, and it makes you feel bad!) plus the fact that loads of the students had already finished for the holidays. However, most of us managed to sell at least one thing (I sold the notebook above with the leaf on it) and almost everyone said they really liked our products and that if they hadn’t just spent all their money at the underappreciated dogs stand, they definitely would have bought something. I was just pleased that I sold one thing and it was really encouraging to hear positive comments about my products. The most popular were the notebooks which I made out of the found papers that I posted about earlier. I’ve decided to try making larger ones that could act as sketch books and feedback from my class mates suggested coloured paper for the covers which would look good also. Our tutor said we will try having another fair in the new year when there are more people in, so although I was going to put my leftovers on my Folksy shop, I think I will save them just in case.

Also on my stall were these bug key rings that I made, inspired by  drawing I made at the Manchester Museum of a violin beetle. They are made out of paper mache with copper wire legs and varnished paper wings. You know how sometimes you start to make something and you’re not too keen on it, but you keep going and in the end quite like it? Well this was how it was with these bugs! Someone in my class suggested I branch out and try other bugs. I think it would look good on a stall to have a whole forest full of different insects, plus it means I get to go back to the museum and do some more drawing ( I love drawing at the museum!)

The other main products I made were these paper bracelets. I thought as I seemed to be working with a theme of re-used paper, I should try making paper jewellery. It worked quite well, although after wearing mine all day, it did start to unravel, so perhaps I should re-visit my glue choice and spend a bit more time on these before the sale in the new year. I also made some pine cone Christmas tree decorations. I had to buy the pine cones though, as after searching for free ones ( in the woods at the back of the National Trust property I volunteer at, in the middle of December in the near dark!) I couldn’t find any (what sort of woods don’t have any pine cones?) Obviously I can’t sell these in the new year but that means I get to keep them and put them on my own tree!


My Folksy shop

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I’ve finally set up a Folksy shop! sells handmade craft items and craft suppliers from British makers and designers (it’s a bit like Amazon for crafters, check out the link on my links page) My shop hasn’t got much in it at the moment as I was taking advantage of the free listings day and using it to motivate me into action. So I have listed some seasonal products, my Christmas decorations that I posted about earlier, and some mini cross stitch kits that I designed and made. Actually I’m really pleased with how these little kits turned out and I’m going to design all sorts of other kits that will (hopefully) appeal throughout the year. You can visit my shop here and I will also post it on my links page.

Also on Folksy is my Mum’s shop, Mrs. K’s Kosy Korner. She sells all sorts of knitted products (a lot of them are cosies for various things, as you might have guessed!) and they are going down really well. Again, her shop is here, or on the links page.